What's MY Hong Kong style?

When I say "Hong Kong style", it doesn't always contain images of something Chinese.

More than a decade ago, I made my first trip to Hong Kong. The reason was simple. I just wanted to get away from my daily life even for a couple of days. I didn't care where the destination would be, but I cared how much the trip would cost. Hong Kong was the closest foreign country from Tokyo in the meaning of traveling cheap. So I went there, and everything started at that time.

The tooth picks box above is my memorabilia. I bought it at a common supermarket in Hong Kong in 1987. Perhaps, the box didn't mean anything to locals, but it blew me away.
"What kind of design is this? Very vivid, very clear, and very impressive. Top of all, it's cute!"

To me, Hong Kong style is an ultimate "anything goes" style. Using alphabets and Chinese characters at the same time, but it still keeps a balance as design. And it has been inspiring me until today.

I used to use brushes and papers for drawing. (I still love it.) Most of the time, I chose large papers for my private drawings. They are too large to scan, so I can't show you those of my works in the past. I can only show some of my new drawings and designs made with Mac at this site. I'll try to add new works one by one. I would be happy if you enjoy my own Hong Kong style here.


And now, things have changed.
My ideas and tastes, too.

I keep this section, but its contents will be different from the original idea above.
I hope that you will continue to keep an eye on this site