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This site is dedicated to "Nogeyama Zoo", which was established by Yokohama city government in Japan in 1951. It may be a sort of a small zoo, but has been visited and loved by many people living in and out of the city.

Last year, a long-lived elephant in the zoo died as age of 59. (Related page within Oystergate on the web is here.)
The web master, me, was also born and spent childhood in the city, often visited there and saw her. Her death brought me back lots of memories about the zoo. I felt that I wanted to keep those memories in a certain way. So, I made this site.

As of February 15th, even Japanese version of this site isn't fully open. English version will come much later than the completion of Japanese one.
But you can take a look at graphics within the site without being annoyed by broken foreign fonts, because main pages consist of only swf, gif, and jpeg files.

Please come back to see the English version sometime in the near future.

Thanks for visiting Oystergate on the web.

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