Summary in English***

This page is dedicated to an Indian Elephant named "Hamako".

She died on 7th of Oct., 2003, at age of 59; approximately age 80 in terms of human age.
She was one of the longest lived elephants in Japan.

She came to Nogeyama Zoo, Yokohama City, Kanagawa Pref. in 1951,and after that, spent all of her life there.
Her name "Hamako" was named after the name of the city "Yokohama".
"Hama" stands for "Beach", and "Ko" stands for "Child (often, especially for girls)" in Japanese.

As I used to live in the city and often visited the zoo watching Hamako,
I decided to create this page and upload.

On the wall of a rest room in the zoo, you will see the image of the elephant.
This is the mosaic made of tiles.


Hamako used to live with a younger elephant named "Mariko", who died in '80s.



House number plate on the wall of Hamako's house is showing "28", but it doesn't mean anything today.

Things have changed...

Even a garbage bin has a image of the elephant, so lovely.


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